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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ways to Kill Ideas

The realinnovation article is very interesting - it is titled Ten Ways to Inhibit Innovation - the 10 ways are (1) Criticize (2) Ban Brainstorms (3) Hoard problems (4) Efficiency focus not Innovation (5) Overwork (6) Adhere to Plan (7) Punish Mistakes (8) Do Not Look Outside (9) Promote Like people (10) Do Not Train.

Well to the list we can add following 40 idea killer phrases (from
Reference: “What A Great Idea” by Charles “Chick” Thompson, 1992, HarperCollins Publishers)

1. "Yes, but. . . "
2. "We tried that before."
3. "That's irrelevant."
4. "We haven't got the manpower."
5. "Obviously, you misread my request."
6. "Don't rock the boat!"
7. "The boss (or competition) will eat you alive."
8. "Don't waste time thinking."
9. "Great idea, but not for us."
10. "It'll never fly."
11. "Don't be ridiculous."
12. "People don't want change."
13. "It's not in the budget."
14. "Put it in writing."
15. "It will be more trouble than it's worth."
16. "It isn't your responsibility."
17. "That's not in your job description."
18. "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."
19. "Let's stick with what works."C
20. "We've done all right so far."
21. "The boss will never go for it."
22. "It's too far ahead of the times."
23. . . . laughter. . .
24. . . . suppressed laughter. . .
25. . . . condescending grin. . .
26. . . . dirty looks. . .
27. "Don't fight city hall!"
28. "I'm the one who gets paid to think."
29. "What will people say?"
30. "Get a committee to look into that."
31. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
32. "You have got to be kidding."
33. "No!"
34. "We've always done it this way."
35. "It's all right in theory. . . but. . ."
36. "Be practical!"
37. "Do you realize the paperwork it will create?"
38. "Because I said so."
39. "I'll get back to you."
40. . . . silence. .

Modular Genes

The whole question of evolution is perplexing to most of us. How information gets transferred from generation to generation - we know through genetic processes. The New finding reported at the Science Daily gives some sort of explanation -

It is the Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT). Well when HGT and dynamic environment combine we get modularized genetic encoding.

I quote from the article " Like modular furniture that can be rearranged in different functional patterns, modular genes are standardized components that lend themselves to flexible rearrangement, and this genetic modularity arises spontaneously because of the selective pressure of a changing environment and the existence of horizontal gene transfer."

Practicing Complexity Theory for Organization Design

Complexity Theory as a framework for organization management is becoming the new buzz word - it is the lexicon that new ways of organization are really - on its own. No control No hierarchies - flat structures.

What is needed in the new world is a way to create common collaborative mentality as well as the infrastuctures - well the link above gives peep into a consulting firm in Wales.

The leaderless organization - developing on its own through open collaboration is the future - no it is the current - and if your oragnization has more than 3-4 layers - please revisit it immediately -

the old hierarchical structures of last millennium are going off!!!!!

Results from social networking - LinkedIn

Ellen Domb asked me the value/results of LinkedIn so far that I have realized, this was in response to my invitation for her to connect on LinkedIn.

Hello, Navneet: I have not yet (2 years) seen any useful results from LinkedIn, but I'm willing to try the experiment of joining networks. Have you gotten any good results from it?

My answer:

Hi Ellen, The most useful results have been recommendations from my colleagues - without me asking them - that I think is a great result - a feedback where people who mattered to you actually give their opinion in a free and uncluttered manner.

2. Ability to mine my friends's friends networks is also an interesting result - knowing who know whom - a kind of connection map - may be when you have an idea you can create a Tipping Point by connecting to people who can propagate it- Mavens, Connectors and salesmen (as per Gladwell's Tipping point)

3. I asked some questions on Lean product development - and amazing responses I received from all over the world.

4. I am also a member of Ryze and a friend asked me to get into Facebook as well. - I think the social networking and social computing is the future - what with all the web 2.0 becoming what people call the enterprise 2.0 .

In my view - usefulness can be in multiple dimensions - emotional, financial as well as functional - Knowing that I know so many and knowing that so many know me - that I exist - gives me a great high - may be its a fundamental craving for recognition - however these tools are making an individual capable of changing the world :)

I think the question was very interesting and hence I posted it on my blog as well!

Gaming Industry is the Thriving Force

Gaming Industry is rapidly moving up and up - lot of activity as reported here

Reasons - 1. Industry Consolidation 2. Big Global Media Companies moving in 3. Numbers are moving up at a rapid pace - $33B to $47B 4. Coming recession Gaming will be left last - robustness built in

What is the pie for Indian software industry in the games that we need to get in! I believe this is really an area that will demand rapid innovation and more focussed gaming solutions using web 2.0 - may be? and why not web 3.0 the semantic web incorporated inside... Well business model is second - first is the conceptual model... Anyone listening?

Lean Mentality is the Ticket

Womarck says - Honda follows Toyota, software guys are hated by hardware guys - and the integrated solutions are the future - of course he also is selling his book Lean Solutions

It is really how to collaborate - the software guys collaborate through non-facial communications - even in the web2.0 - the second life talks about virtual worlds - the automotive -hardward engineers want face to face collaboration - physical feel - the way they touch things

these two extremes need to collaborate - I think this is a major problem to be solved - How to bring physical engineers and knowledge engineers together to create the next generation products - may be TRIZ can help?

Small Aim is a Crime

About two months back I was in Mumbai on office work - in the evening I met Prashant Joglekar - an unbelievable passionate man - very passionate about Innovation and TRIZ. Although we had interacted before over emails, it was the first time we were meeting. He came all the way from his home to meet me at my hotel- which in a city like Mumbai, is a very tough task - I believe. Over the dinner, he gifted me a book by India's ex-president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. It is titled Ignited Minds - Unleashing the power within India.

Prashant wrote, " Dear Navneet, you will enjoy this".

Well, having had the privilege of working directly with Dr Kalam when he was Head of DRDO, where I worked as a scientist, and having read his earlier books, I had no doubt that it will be a book that I will enjoy.

I am reading this small book - having seen the book umpteen times in book stores not buying it as I was always lured by other books on my interests, it is indeed a pleasant surprise that prashant was able to pin point what book I would not have bought! Thats a challenge for many of my other friends who said that they wanted to gift me a book but were not sure whether I have bought the book before - I have this irritating habbit of buying books everywhere - irritating to my wife - definitely :).

Well, Ignited Minds is a book to be cherished - t0 be imbibed, to be understood, to become one with the dream. Dr. Kalam writes a poem at the end - and I would like to reproduce one stanza - which makes you feel how our minds should grow out of what we crave in our daily life. Kalam says,

As a young citizen of India,
armed with technology, knowledge and love for my Nation,
I realize, small aim is a crime

Indeed - small aim is a crime. Aim high - as big as one can. This is an amazing meme.

Another gem from the same poem

the ignited soul compared to any other resource,
is the most powerful resource
on the earth, above the earth and under the earth.

I sincerely believe we all have a role to play, in the new world that is embarking on the journey ahead -

Thanks Prashant for the gift of ignited minds! it is indeed a treasure!

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