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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sciences of the Artificial

The Sciences of the Artificial by Herbert A. Simon the Nobel Laureate, has been with me since October 2006. It was very strongly recommended to me by Neeraj Sangal, the founder and CEO of Lattix.

I read some portion of the book sometime back and now have started reading it with much clear intensity. I am already cursing myself on the delay in reading this book. It is an absolute gem. Look at what Simon says in the preface, " Goal of science is to make the woderful and complex understandable and simple - but not less wonderful."

“…artificiality is interesting principally when it concerns complex systems that live in complex environments. The topics of artificiality and complexity are inextricably interwoven…”.

The last chapter - The Architecture of Complexity - Hierarchic Systems is interesting as I can see the genesis of Design Structure Matrix theory built up.

Do get the book in your library! Strongly recommend!

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