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Friday, January 11, 2008

Customer Value

It is really about Value. The interview here talks about value articulation rather than listing all benefits of a firm.

Creating resonance with the customer pain areas requires much more deeper investment by the suppliers. Here we need to build competencies to understand the needs of the customers. All said and done, supplier is not the customer, similarly, customers perceptions of what they really need may not be what they really need. Does the supplier knows what the customer needs - many times NO, sometimes yes. In most cases it is important to have a consultative approach to all customer interactions - a partnership with your customers in helping them to fullfill their needs.

The Customer Insights is what the supplier need to focus on - not using pre-defined cookie-cutter soluations - which the supplier would prefer as a cost reducer, but solving problems that emerge from opaque needs of the customers.

What is your Customer Value Model? it is really about Customer Value.

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