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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Analytic Hierarchy Process - The Strategic Decision Making

The Strategic Decision Making book - that came to print in Jan 2004, seems to be the last book with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in its title, hence it is showing up in various lists - also may be the focus on strategic decision making is also another interesting aspect that must be making it being referred to in various tutorials and seminars.

Wikipedia on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) gives the book as first reference

Tekenomo, Kardi's latest tutorial on AHP, {Teknomo, Kardi. (2006) Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Tutorial) refers to the book in the resources section

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge referred to it as AHP - Not just any ROI!

Prof Bruce Golden - inluded the whole content page of the book in his presentation on recent developments in AHP

Informs Journal Interfaces - described it thus

This book is one in the valuable Decision Engineering series that focuses on the foundations and applications of tools and techniques related to decision engineering and identifies their roles in making decisions. We recommend this book for graduate-level students as well as all decision makers, especially in business and in government. Clearly, as demonstrated by the examples in the book, AHP can be applied to most subjects." (John Wang and Qiyang Chen, Interfaces, Vol. 35 (3), 2005)

Altshuller Institute is selling it as part of Innovation books at its site

OK - you may say what is the point -

Well no point, only SDM-Applying the AHP completes 4 years in Jan 2008 and I just plain happy about it!
May be its time to look at the next book - which always is in the pipeline ...

I still have more - Poems


All the time, every moment,
The desire to be happy
Caused me
The maximum sorrow


After taking my wings,
They ask why I don’t fly.
After cutting my tongue,
They ask why I don’t speak.
After taking my hands,
They ask me where my sword is.


Stamp the flowers
Under your feet
Still they will give
You fragrance

Tears and words

These are actually my tears –
But why are they in your eyes
Words are also mine
But why are they in your voice


Your words came as if
Thirsty for months burning earth
Had few drops of water-
And the thirst increased –
When will I have showers of rain?


The morning Sun like a baked circular chapatti
Sky like a blue pan
Everyday ask me
What is hunger?


When everyone was afraid of light
I became the burning candle


It is amazing –
When I suddenly find words written by me –
Lying here and there –
I realize that
I have a History

I have become a lie
Far off from the truth –
To tell the truth
I was never near the truth


Dewdrop saw in all the four directions,
And just detached
Itself from the rose –
As if, it never belonged
To the rose

The Night

These are the dark pages of the ending night,
I think and sow the seeds of light,
Thoughts are very deep but still incomplete,
Words are complete but absolutely powerless,
I still have pain but it’s dormant,
Shouts are still in my throat only,
My eyes still watch without seeing,
Emotions speak rarely but,
My fists have opened before I could stiffen them,
Moon is being seen but that’s it
My pen is writing but just writing
All meaning have gone out
These are the dark pages of the ending night.


Do not say that
Winds are blowing fast
Tell that
We are slow
Who cannot keep pace with them!


I have learnt a lot many things from sunlight –
I do not know why I could not learn
The art of entering in dark rooms
And coming out silently

Open Book

I am lying like an open book
Clear, in front of you
But you all
Go past me,
Just fluttering the pages


We have completed a Cycle –
Starting as an animal
We have ended as animal


I wrote revolution on all the walls that came in my way
I waited for Revolutions to happen –
And now my hands tremble writing Revolution
Lest I am sowing new seeds
Of killings and blood


I do not seek perfection
As I want to live
I want to hear a song
Sung by a soar throat
Paintings without any color
I love sculptures with broken limbs –
For all these tell me
That people still are
Human beings


When destinations were same
And the paths were same
Then why did we
Shifted our groups


When the ray of Sun
Peeping like a streak of yellow mustard
Sprouted on the white cotton field
Laid on the blue sky
The dewdrop about to drip
From the rose petal,
I came to know
What is love?


Every time it is impossible to run away
So get up
Confront the continuous itch to run away
From everything every time

Emotions and Creation

Emotions do not shout when they are smashed
They just spread randomly
May be in this spread
Lay the seeds of creation


I have put behind walls all my paths
I will not seek any destinations
And I will just keep on walking
In circles –
Keep on moving
Without any search
Without any destination –
Going away with every step from my previous step
Yet moving towards the step that I am leaving
I realized that’s what anyway
I am doing
In my life


The borders of darkness
Must have been reduced somewhat,
I haven’t burnt my heart
Just in vain!


Life can never be so beautiful
That there is no scope to make it more beautiful
Neither can it be so sad that
There is no scope for more sadness


What I am leaving behind
I don’t remember,
What I am going to get
I don’t have any interest,
Every time I feel
I have left something behind and
Something I am going to get now


I tried to understand
But could not,
What happens to Cactus during autumn?


Till I kept on walking on
Thorns, stones and burning sand,
I realize
That I am alive

My face

When I started
Clawing my face with my nails
I found a new face
Behind my face


Pain has its past and its future –
That is pain – past and future
Present is just joy,
Pain only writes history
Pain only creates future –
Past and future is pain

Era and Civilizations

When every new person,
Starts looking like an old one –
Then Civilizations finish and
Eras end


I spent my whole life in the desire for a faint smile
The laughter has unnecessarily
Created problems always


Some More Poems - I still call them Poems

New Creation

My creation is new,
But Ideas are same old, already thrashed by many,
Nothing new
Just play of words

Liars and Judges

You all are a lie,
But who am I
To Judge
What is real and what is lie?

Broken pieces of My Life

Every Broken piece of my life
I have kept with me
So that
If someone sometime needs,
I can give –
At least one piece of my life


Every day
Life is breaking down piece by piece
And all of us extending our hands
In thin air
Search with hope for one piece of life


I never thought that
There would come a time
When my own thoughts
Will set in me deep layers of fear


O’ dear Sorrow
You are so alone
You search someone always –
Everyone wants to leave you
Run away from you,
Yet you are so shameless –
Don’t you have any self-esteem?
Please stop
Just feel the joy of loneliness
Wordless complete joy of loneliness,
But how will you feel this joy,
You are sorrow, and you always search for someone in vain
O’ Sorrow!


Nowadays you look like a common man
What’s the matter - Dear GOD -
You look so helpless?


Why do I always recognize
Real faces
Multiple layers of masks on your faces


We try umpteen ways
To save our self from snakes
But these days’ men can bite you
With more venom


Knowing that you have won,
You still accept defeat
Then only you achieved victory really


Why we don’t think
And think why we think
Think what we think
And why we don’t think
About what we think

Leaf and Greenery

The old yellow leaf
Flying in air
Stuck to the green branch
Searching once again its greenery

I call them Poems -

Old poems - just posting - sort of memories of the past - but they may be the windows to future - I dunno!!!!

Running behind words
I got just

I have to walk in burning Sun

Rows of roses engulfed
In the morning dew have invited,
The bathing green leaves
In the evening turmeric are calling,
Moonlight fluttering at the Night’s door
Winked at me as well,
Despite the arrival of sudden wetness
In the half slept eyes,
I have to walk in burning Sun only -

My Tears

When the blood oozing from my cut finger
My tongue found full of salt
Then I realized why my tears
Do not reach my eyes nowadays


Why all of us are alone?
When all of us are together –
Or is it that you all are just the shadow of togetherness
Each one of you -

Laughter and Tears

Momentary joy – My laughter
Surprisingly -
Permanent persistent fulfilling happiness-
My Tears

Generalists Vs Specialists

These days people claim lot of interesting stuff, MATHEMATICALLY

Look at the article at ScienceDaily - an interesting result - Generalists are needed and they can thrive in a world conditioned to work as a group of specialists. In fact, the article quotes the scientist as follows

For Waite, the findings reinforce his broader world view. “We should value each other much more. We should value people who have a diversity of skills and interests. They might not have really recognizable specific skills but they might be good at doing lots of things,” he said.

I am really not very clear about whether this is something counter intuitive really. In fact I have seen the multi-taskers, people with multiple skills (not depth in all of these) actually become the boss - it is anyway I believe - the generalist in all businesses is really the great influencer and connector and the lynchpin of a business - if the generalist is not there the system will break up!

May be I am missing the excitement of the finding in the research above! I will not go to the extent that some of these models prove the obvious mathematically, yet thats closer to my feeling anyway!

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