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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Knowledge Worker Productivity - Enhancement

Drucker in Practice - Drucker In Practice is designed to create a global conversation sharing evidence on critical issues related to the management of organizations. The project was conceived and developed with the Drucker Society of Japan.

This quarter it is running a discussion on how Knowledge Worker Productivity can be enhanced - one can participate in the discussion at the project site

Will keep an eye on this project for next quarter as I intuitively feel - this may be interesting discussion.

Mutation is not so random afterall

Mutation it seems is not so random. There seems to be an evidence of well-coordinated effort to make possible the emergence of complex organs. The article here talks about a research report.

It talks about a term called pleiotropy defined as, "The phenomenon wherein mutation in a single gene can have effects on multiple traits is known as pleiotropy."

A conclusion of sorts from the author believes pleitropy is not random - it is well-coordinated. "Similarly, it appears that tuning up a complex trait in a living organism is well coordinated and the effects of pleiotropy are more focused than we thought."

If mutations are not so random - but coordinated, who and how they get coordinated.

I really need to understand - is there a possibility of uncaused emergence?

Smoking Pot - A view from Teenager's Mind

I really am very proud to share the following article by Brinda Gupta at Young DC. In a news item titled RESEARCHERS Say smoking POT harms gums, lungs, She details a research report on the effects of smoking cannabis.

It is important to understand the article has been written by a teen for teens. I hope this will go a long way in making teens aware. However, the way it has been written, it definitely will be useful for all to be aware of the effects.

Best impact of anything happens if someone from the same community, age group or class finds out a new way and proliferates to others. This I think has more impact than anyone from outside. Hence Brinda's article for teens is a lesson for all of us - to look at our eco-system and let us voice our point through the channels and medium that we get.

Why should I be proud - well she happens to be my cousin sister :)

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