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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What are the New Functions

What are the new functions that human beings are performing today that we were not performing say 150 years back?

1. FLYING - obviously is one { This was a known function as we have seen birds flying}
Any other function that we are performing today .........

It will be great to get a list of New functions that have emerged in last 150 years or so. May be the readers of IC can help?

I Dont Know.

I Dont Know.

Will you talk to a consultant who answers IDONK to your questions?

It is a really difficult to get a consultant who says I dont Know. Similarly a consultant who ask your problems should not be engaged. If you know your problem, than anyway you have a solution.

Well If you really want help in Organization design, solving problems - find out consultants who says we dont know and also find out whether he or she is willing to work on problems about which you also dont know.

I think - The Energence of something new happens through explorations with I DONT KNOW!

How many professionals will say that they dont know?

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