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Monday, September 29, 2008

10 Most Absurd Social Networking sites

This one is very interesting. The report list down 10 most absurd social networking sites (social networking of pet dogs :))
Kirtsy, Geek Match Making, Coolspotters,, Familybuider, Foretal, ncl├╝dr, and Line for Heaven.

Slideshow is here

Ignorance Management

I think it is about Ignorance Management.

Every organization talks about knowledge management - by focussing on knowledge - what we know - we leave lot of areas that we dont know, or may be are not even aware of that we dont know. Hence we need to have Ignorance management - to find out how ignorant we are about past, present and more importantly about future.

Ignorance is bliss - as the saying goes - may be thats true anyway - still - understanding what we dont know - about what we are ignorant and how to use ignorance management practices, may be we shall be better off!

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