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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Algorithmic Patent Analysis - The SocialCitNet way

So some of you have seen and used our unique Patent Analysis product online - the Social Citation Network Analysis of a patent - the SocialCitNet of a patent. Great and thanks for using and giving us feedback. India's First Home Grown and Developed Online Patent Citation Analysis Product.

Now the GOOD NEWS!!!

We now have a much more detailed, easy to use and comprehensive version online.

You will get many new nuggets of value in the new version - if you do a depth2 social citation network of any patent at EPO - website - well even if it is called European Patent Office - it has all other patents in other geographies in the database.

  • For starters - the IPC Classification and the Family equivalents of the patent in multiple geographies - which I must say is great information. Please see the abstract as well.
  • Then comes a very interesting artifact - the Tag Cloud of Keywords. Size of the Tag is directly proportional to the frequency of the phrase/word. I must say, this gives you an immediate view of what the patent documents focus on! A real value for a prior art searcher, landscaping analyst and an R&D Scientist/Engineer, or an Inventor!

  • The Citation Network is retained as it gives the visual representation of the network