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Monday, October 29, 2012

Intelligence of Machines - What will Man do?

Prof. Vardi raises a question in his article HERE.

The question in the article titled "The Consequences of Machine Intelligence" is "if the machines will do all the work, what will humans do?" 

My first cut answer - "Man will find work and/or work will find man"

He however, dismisses all the answers - even objections to the question. His concludes that we should slow down machine intelligence as it will out compete its own creators that is human beings.

May be. 

However, I do not think, that is going to happen. Neither, will human race be out competed by its own creation.

My Views 

From the age of machines to the age of information, we will be moving to the age of Mind. A rather logical evolution of humanity and human created reality. Here, I must invoke evolution - and not the survival of the fittest advocated by popular press and wrongly attributed to Darwin, but, evolution which we can call and "Open Evolution". In a recent paper, published in Journal of Royal Society, Troy Day proves a theorem which puts an inherent limit of the predictability of evolution.

One can access the paper from the link HERE

What I mean, since the "open evolution" need to accepted, trying to restrict the evolution momentum artificially may not be a good strategy. Secondly, given the unpredictability of evolution, whether, humans actually are out-competed by intelligent machines or not, are not necessarily in our hands.

The inherent quest "to know", "to understand", "to create" and "to control" is so strong in humanity today that any "artificial" barriers will be over ridden by the momentum with which we are moving along the arrow of time. 

So the possible " work that Humans will be doing in next generation" may be

Making another planet/satellite of a planet habitable for life - The 9 billion human beings on earth in 2045-2050 may need another planet.

May be start of emergence of global intelligence that will open to humanity the true nature of consciousness

The "Open Evolution" and "Unpredictability of Evolution" does not allow us the luxury of reducing our options of the future. Rather, my hypothesis is that with integrating of Space-Time with Energy-Matter and now Information, i.e., STEMI we will be integrating the STEMI with Mind - an absolutely explosion of creativity that evolution has not yet seen. 

The emergence of  Next Stage of Evolution is in the hands of humanity - it almost looks like that nature after millions of years of doing it has given the responsibility of evolution to its greatest creation - that is human mind!


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