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Monday, September 15, 2014

Before Standing you need to Reach the shoulder of Giants and after reaching ....

Sir Issac Newton famously has quoted that he could see beyond as he could stand on the shoulders of giants.

I say, "To Stand on the "shoulders of giants" you need to reach the shoulders of the giants first!" ~ 

If the giant is "knocked down" Then there is no need to reach the shoulders as the shoulders are exactly at the level at which you are! To reach the shoulders of the giants means to be able to see much ahead as you are standing on their shoulders !

"Reaching the shoulder" is the first part of the strategy - in any which way - not knocking the giant down.


Objective is not to see further - after standing on the shoulder's of the giants - but after reaching there - start shooting everyone who might be trying to reach the shoulder of the giant after you!!!!
UPDATE  (On Linkedin - The updated version of this post has become ....

 To reach the Shoulders of the Giants ....    

Poem in Hindi

Aasma yun bhi hua karta tha, 

Neele sheshey sa khula karta tha; 

Pathron se toot, Muthiyon main band hai, 
Dil khol ke jo roz mila karta tha

Gar aana hi tha saamne, sannaton ko cheer kar, 
 Mujhse woh kyon chupa karta tha; 

Main to khush tha lagaa kar paiband dil par, 
Mere Zakhmon ko kyon chua karta tha; 

An attempted Nazm with English translation

 An Attempted Nazm

Har Lafz mera poochta kyon maine usse banaya; 
Sochta ab tak tha main, lafzon ne mujhe banaya ! 

Yeh Mohabbat bhi ajab, kyon kar isse banaya; 
Mar gaye hum ishq main jab, kissa hume banaya

Pathron ko kaat jab rasta Naya Banaya, 
Soch kar duniya ne bus ek But Mera Banaya

English Translation
Every word of mine asks me why I made it,
Till now I thought, my words only make me

Love is strange, why it was made?,
When we died in love, they made us a folktale

When I made way by cutting through the mountains, 
The world thought about it and just erected a statute of mine

On Teaching and Learning

On teaching and learning

After "teaching" for last 4 years in 2 different MBA schools in Bangalore - I reiterate my belief - 

when a teacher teaches - the objective should be to learn - Only on a path of continuous learning along with the students one can teach - teacher actually is learning to learn along with the students - 

On teacher's day - I thank all my co-learners who happen to be there on the continuous path of learning - 

Real Learning happens by permanently be in the leaning mode ~ 

Thank You all who are in Learning mode

Another Hindi poem and its English translation

Photo: A poem written in 1991 ... In Hindi ... From my old diary ... Just found the diary in my papers and books ...

English Translation

Let's Watch the Silences

Let's watch the silences without a word, but together. All of us .... 
We should all be there but all silent - no word no thought no reason not even an emotion
... Just silence be there ... 

In all four directions - complete comprehensive deep silence .....
rapidly traversing like the scent from flowers essence ...
reaching each crevice and pore of our hearts ....
beyond any of our thoughts..... 
But inside all of us ... 
Just silence remains -- 
just deep complete silence ....


By observing silence ... 
We reach beyond our mind potentially ... 
When mind dissolves 
all identities dissolve 
and we find our true nature which is the universe and when I becomes universe there is no observer or observation ... However I must say if I wrote this in 1991 at an age of 25 ... I must not be having much idea of the depth ... I am surprised ....

A poem in Hindi

1990s .... A poem from my diary ...

A small poem from my old diary - in Hindi

A small poem from my old diary

in Hindi

When I will melt

Monday Morning Mooning!

From Memory Lane - Scientist at DRDO

10 May 1998

As a scientist at DRDO, I completed our analysis and our lab submitted a report to Dr Kalam's Office who was DRDO chief. My director told me in the evening that Dr Kalam was not in Delhi but we have submitted the report to his office.

The report was on "how much fissile material does India need to take care of nuclear deterrence against adversaries". It also had a corollary "if we conduct a test what will be the economic, political and foreign relations impact". I was working on the problem along with our team for close to a month. It was considered one of those studies that Kalam used to ask our lab to carry out - studies like this one, I have become used to getting involved directly and considered these as "armchair" studies -more whims and fancies of SA, rather than any particular impact. Somehow, I liked these futuristic/ scenario analysis type of studies.

My assessment interview from Scientist C to Scientist D was on 13th May 1998. I asked my director should I present this study as well to my assessment board as it was fresh. He said yes. I prepared my slides (those days physical transparencies were prepared to be presented on OHP for the interview board).

On 11th May 1998 India conducted shakti 1 tests - the second set of peaceful nuclear explosions after a gap of 24 years of the first PNE conducted in 1974.

I saw the news in the evening on TV. One of the most amazing feeling of surprise, pride, elation and above all an unprecedented joy engulfed me. I told everyone in my house, whoever was willing to listen to me, that this is the type of work I have been doing - of course not building the bomb - but analyzing and studying our security and defence needs and helping in creating potential solutions for defence of India.

Evening I got a call from my director, he said, may be I should not present the study to my assessment board on 13th May. I felt little disappointed as I was felling that I have cracked a nice problem for India. I had enough work to show otherwise, but this study was "hot" now. I asked him to let me present the model and not present the results. He agreed.

On 13th May 1998, as India was conducting Shakti 2 (the second set of tests) I was appearing in my assessment from Scientist C to Scientist D. I presented my work and also the model to calculate fissile material needed to take care of potential needs against adversaries. After my interview, one of the member of the board came out and mentioned that Dr Kalam has gone through the report.

I got promoted to Scientist D.

I left DRDO in year 2000 after Dr Kalam left DRDO in 1999.

Before I left DRDO we built another model of coupled differential equations based on No First Use and anti missile missiles system based on Ingrilitor Brito model.

I hope we do have a clear answer to our Nuclear doctrine questions, now.

Doing Business in India - 4 Steps

4 Steps to do business in India

Step 1: Make the Client aware of what they need
Step 2: Make a proposal of how you will fulfill the need
Step 3: Deliver the service

Step 4: Wait for the payment

It is typically the Step 4 that will take maximum effort on your part

City of Clouds - A Poem

City of Clouds

O' the floating city above my city,
From where the messages of Kalidasa you bring,
Are you the messengers, the doves of love
Or the greying hairs of emerging wisdom,
You bring showers or the smell of hope,
Do you actually carry the yearning of standing alone,
Away from the burning Sun,
You float above, burning your backs,
So the hearts below can uplift themselves
To make to create and to wonder
How will my city travel if it
All is made of clouds...

Why do I read and why do I write?

Why do I Read and why do I write?

A perplexing question.

One reason is, obviously, that I have been trained to read and also form sentences that can be comprehensible for others. But of course I have choice. Not to read and not to write is a choice that I can opt for. Its just that I opted for doing it rather than not doing it.

Answer for reading that came to my mind when I was triggered to answer - and this is an eyeopener for me - "I read to understand, know, and connect with the mind, heart, and possibly with the soul of the writer. It looks like a need to connect and find the universal within all of us".

And surprisingly that seems to be true for writing as well. The writing - the best that you can express in words - will be to put mind, heart, and soul in what ever you are writing - be it a report or romance. If your writing has your soul it will connect with your readers as it can not be any different from their soul. When you write put your soul in it and that is it. To maximize the life in each moment of living and expression requires writing from the core of you.

When "I" dissolves away from your writing and expression remains the core of what you are, that becomes the final version of what you have written. The expression need to be devoid of you so that it becomes as close to the reader as your soul can be. That, I believe, is all there is to writing!

Whats others have mentioned as their reasons on "writing"

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