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Sunday, August 09, 2009

How India as a Nation Innovates?

1. Late 1980's India was denied Supercomputer from Cray called Cray XMP or Cray YMP, by so called control regimes. By early 1990's India has built three big supercomputers - Param, Pace and Flowsolver!

2. The Agni Missile (the IRBM) India developed on its own only because everyone denied to sell the Missile Systems to India

3. The Cryogenic Engine which propels India's GSLV (Space Vehicle) was denied to us - we developed on our own

4. The Sub- Kilo Tonnes Nuclear weapons tests that India did in 1998 were our own only because these were not available to us from any source.

Inference: In India the Buy Vs Build decisions will always favor Buy if the buy option is available. Only when the option to buy is not there, or doors are closed, we will build on our own.

If we need to create innovators/entrepreneurs in India we may need to take away the option of cool - well paying jobs at MNCs which make most of us complacent and happy in the status-quo.

When Jobs are lost, when sudden realization hits that people dont have any other option - entrepreneurs will emerge - it is "back-to-the wall option".

To change this - we need to make our family system and education system in a manner to incorporate that Entrepreneurship is the first option much ahead of any type of Jobs, not the current IITs/IIMs, IT, IAS, etc - starting your own firm doesnt come into picture at all!

Thinking Change is not easy - but this is needed at all levels!

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