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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Multi-Domain/Multi-Dimensional Warfare - Lessons for India

Lessons for India from Multi-Domain Warfare - Strategic Switching and Agile Strategic Adaptability 

USA is great - in creating newer acronyms and newer terms - especially their Strategic Community is.

The Multi-Domain Warfare is the new term in town !

1. The link above talks about - Multi-Domain Warfare needs a multi-domain data fused picture that takes weeks. It may be too late against Russia or China or even Iran is the key input. Also the near peer or stronger adversary will not give the US forces the luxury of preparation that Saddam Hussein gave twice

2. Is there some comparison and lessons for Indian Forces?
3.First lets call it Multi-Dimensional. In my 2013 article I proposed 7 dimensions of warfare 
4. The so-called Cold Start Doctrine was in response to our rickety mobilization of ground forces after parliament attacks. In fact, Pakistan utilized the bogey of Indian CSD to create a new component - Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNW) in our chaotic military calculus. Combine it with their much better asymmetric or hybrid capabilities - our effort to create some sort of joint doctrine has not given us a desired result.

5. The Mountain Strike Corps at the end of last decade was ill conceived as well.…/the-mountain-strike-corps-a…/

6. India need a conceptual construct for what I called the 7D warfare for dimensions in my 2013 article here…/

7. The conceptual construct we should develop is the agile strategic switching across dimensions and well domains if you may…/winning-the-asymmetri…/

8. India need to develop a matrix of instruments of war as I mentioned in my old article here…/winning-the-asymmetri…/

9. Further up from dimensions or domains are what is now called the 4 Spheres - DIME (Diplomatic, Information, Military and Economic Spheres ) India need to link-up the strategic switching across domains/dimensions to Agile Strategic Adaptability at the DIME level as I wrote…/triad-vs-quad-indian-…/

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Play Uncommon Games - to become an Innovation Co-Crafter who is an Equation Transformer

 The Innovation Co-Crafter

 Skin in The Game - A Recipe for Continuous Evolution

1. By putting my "skin in the game " in every game I have participated and lost or won, I have lost or changed my skin game by game.It is worth noting the all the games that has removed some skin from my body has given me a new skin and a new me ! 

2. One learning - play only those games where you put your skin in the game ...
Those games will be typically "uncommon sense and uncommon nonsense " as distinct from " common sense " and " common non sense "

3. Becoming Equation Transformers !

 Uncommon Games with Skin in the Game you will become Equation Transformers" instead of "Equation Solvers".

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