We offer to assist, collaborate, design and develop, solutions for the businesses across domains and around the world so that they succeed in the rapidly expanding Globalizing Innovation Complexity (GIX). Empowering ideas with a suite of well-designed, systematic, structured and science based frameworks - the Innovation Crafting frameworks:

We offer you to embrace GIX and create wealth in the world which is alive with multitude of multi-dimensional opportunities that are passing by as we continue with the businesses we designed for the last world.

Power is the ability to change. When ideas are empowered, organizations succeed and grow. This is the only blueprint for a future characterized by increasing Globalization and hence increasing Complexity. Survival and success in such a dynamic world depends solely on continuous learning and Innovation. CRAFITTI frameworks have been hand crafted for complex business problems by synergizing multiple science based methodologies. First time ever - all these frameworks are offered together as comprehensive solution to business problems faced by enterprises in Global Innovation Complexity (GIX) that we all are facing.

Our Services

We have developed comprehensive frameworks for following Business Areas

  • Business Strategy Formulation & Tracking
  • Product Strategy Formulation and Tracking
  • IT Strategy and Business Alignment
  • Opportunity Finding - for an Idea/Product
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Technological Alternatives to a Patent
  • Outsourcing/Off shoring
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Insights