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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crafitti in Press - NID workshop @ Delhi 13 March

National Institute of Design conducted a day long workshop - the fourth in the series - on Design Protection. I made a presentation of IP regimes for innovator/designer. It indeed was a an interesting experience to interact with design community in Delhi area.

The event got covered at the Exchange4Media Site - one can read the Press report HERE

Just reproducing below my quote from the report

Navneet Bhushan of Crafitti Consulting noted, “There is a dearth of awareness regarding what needs protection and how to go about it. Even if something seems absurd right now, it may be valuable after a few years. Patenting is a funny business for the inventers, but it’s serious business for the lawyers. Value of the patent has to be recognised by all. There is need to make patents robust, which requires innovation. Moreover, there has to be a synergy between the legal system and inventor to create wealth.”

The Presentation made the event is available for download @

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