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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Invent Strong - A Framework (Introduction to a conference paper)

How to Invent Strong - A Framework

(**** introduction to a paper that I am writing for a conference ****)

For the purpose of this paper we define an invention to be a new and non-obvious technical solution to a problem. The concept of a generalized “system” is central to the technical solution. The textbook definition of a system is the set of elements interacting together to perform a function or achieve an objective. The technical solution typically results either in creation of a completely new system to deliver the function, change in the operating principle of the existing system to achieve the system functions, change in the structure of the existing system or subsystems, change in a subset of system or subsystem parameters, or just a simple addition more functions to the existing system functions.  Many times the solution depends upon the problem itself or the focus of the “inventor” on the specific part of the system or subsystem.

“Trial and error” to solve problems or to invent new solutions has been the standard approach humanity has used to solve problems on its evolutionary journey. As the set of problems encountered change, the skill, knowledge and experiences gained in solving problems in previous contexts are not of much use. The inventor has to both learn the new context and resort to trial and error again or tries to force-fit the previous solutions to the new problems - a rather inefficient, time consuming and random process. To change this trial and error process into a systematic method or way of inventing strong solutions have not seen much focus, until Altshuller, a young engineer in erstwhile USSR after second world war, started exploring the patent data of many inventions and formulated a general theory of inventive problem solving, now known by the Russian acronym TRIZ.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Before Standing you need to Reach the shoulder of Giants and after reaching ....

Sir Issac Newton famously has quoted that he could see beyond as he could stand on the shoulders of giants.

I say, "To Stand on the "shoulders of giants" you need to reach the shoulders of the giants first!" ~ 

If the giant is "knocked down" Then there is no need to reach the shoulders as the shoulders are exactly at the level at which you are! To reach the shoulders of the giants means to be able to see much ahead as you are standing on their shoulders !

"Reaching the shoulder" is the first part of the strategy - in any which way - not knocking the giant down.


Objective is not to see further - after standing on the shoulder's of the giants - but after reaching there - start shooting everyone who might be trying to reach the shoulder of the giant after you!!!!
UPDATE  (On Linkedin - The updated version of this post has become ....

 To reach the Shoulders of the Giants ....    

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