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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learning from across the world

Cody Brooks who Blogs at sells I sell car repair services and preventative maintenance in Canada.
A small chat encounter with him resulted in the following insight for me. I thought I am also selling the same services except I sell the innovation consulting services.
Reproducing below our conversation

Cody Brooks  I sell car repair services and preventative maintenanceat least as my job, if that's what you mean
Navneet Bhushan if I may ask - how do you sell these - I am also in the similar job - I sell Preventive maintenance of future crisis for businesses
Cody Brooks that is interesting, I hadn't realized that was a field one could work in
Navneet Bhushan I sell by telling them how to adapt to change that the world is seeing
Cody Brooks generally, i'm at a counter at the garage. customers are either aware that they have a problem and want us to find the source, or come in for routine maintenance and are advised of manufacturer's recommendations or obvious faults. which is a contrast, i don't know that business come with owner's manuals..
Navneet Bhushan one way to adapt is to try figure out what is changing and then adapt - but more potent is to create the change that you want to see. I call this innovation consultancy but I think I can learn a lot from what you do. I love preventive maintenance of car services at least the way we both sell these services may have great similarities
Cody Brooks i suppose the root of it is identifying what will wear out over what use/time, and dealing with it before it becomes a problem. if you know that coolant is good for so many heat cycles in a known environment, you have a good idea of when to change it. advising the customer to change it before it becomes corrosive and potentially causes damage to other parts of the system is seen as good value because it prevents them from having to pay to change expensive components at a high labor cost Now I don't know what coolant lasts for, the manufacturer determines that. Generally we use tools to see the condition in the here and now.
Navneet Bhushan amazing - what will be impacted by what change when is very similar to create the preventive maintenance of business
Cody Brooks This all sounds much fancier than it feels in application. I imagine that the two fields could be superimposed in theories. Perhaps in a lesson you could compare the ideas

This exchange resulted in a BlogPost by Cody - which reads nicely at Business Parallels

7P6D Model of starting the NEW - What and How


7Ps of starting something new

If you want to start something new - what you should have

1. Passion Long term sustainability will require passion - Passion creates a momentum in you that overcomes all possible naysayers and inertias of why something will not work

2. Patience Take it that there will be delays, difficulties and outright demeaning people - with smiles that means mockery - however please also remember - each such smile - also hides a fear - fear of "if you succeed..." then those smiles have to become awe ... To override all these smiles - build patience in your system

3. Perseverance King Bruce and the spider - will start making complete sense to you - there is no other method than learning from spider - on rebuilding your net - again and again even if you keep on failing.

4. Planning is actually an essential activity. Even if innovators may not understand it. I suggest a minimum level of planning is essential - key list of activities and follow up on them over a period of time - makes sense

5. Pride is something that I learnt recently. I somehow never thought about pride in doing what you are starting - actually Pride in doing the change is so important that it can actually lead you to build on other Ps.
Originally I had 5Ps now I am adding two more Ps - Purpose and Planet
6. Purpose is the main starting point. It has to come from within, the purpose of what you want to create.

7. Planet is the key to defining your purpose. If the purpose is not aligned with the Planet earth - the nature - it will not lead to a sustainable venture.

So if you want to create change in the world that you want to see - build on 7Ps!

6Ds of how to do something new

1. DISCOVER - Your business, your market, your social network, your customers or even yourself. This springs from your purpose within the constraints

2. DEFINE - What is your business and what is the key message of your business

3. DESCRIBE - Elaborate what you defined by describing in detail the customer value that your business is creating or will be creating

4. DEVELOP - Develop the messages/communications for all possible channels - print, TV, online, Email, social networks, micro blog, blog of your company, SMS, and online videos and all possible channels. Also the business model, the model of the idea, a prototype of the product.

5. DEPLOY - Start deploying with an initial design in mind for creating Tipping Point by finding Mavens/salesmen/connectors in the networks of your choice, but before that make your product/service sticky. If you follow Duncan Watts of Small world fame, may be just start telling the crowd.

6. DEDUCE - whatever is happening you need to find out how its happening. Carry out what I call Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) Promoter Score - a combo of Net Promoter Score and Tipping Point framework.
Use 7P6D Model of starting on your idea! ~ Believe me it is doable!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Peeling the Innovation Onion - Happy New Year 2012

2012 started with a very hectic schedule for me personally as well as for my company CRAFITTI

From 6-8 January I was invited to attend and speak at the Global IP Convention 2012 at New Delhi. I spoke on "Innovation Mysteries - Opening the Pandora's Box" -

Innovation indeed is a Pandora's Box. The mythical character in Greek Mythology - Pandora was first woman on earth who was given a Box - and it was instructed that she should not open it. When she opened it, due to curiosity, as the myth goes,  all the problems of the earth escaped the box - teasing Pandora's on their way out. She tried to close the box, but in vain, except that she was able to close - when only Hope was still in the box.
Innovation today is a Pandora's box - and surprisingly everyone wants to keep it closed - lest it opens up the Innovation problems. Speaker after speaker talk about Innovation - no one actually wants to do it. Innovation is excruciatingly hard. It indeed is very difficult.  For the talk I listed down following 9 Innovation Mysteries - but there are more

INNOVATION MYSTERY #1: Higher the position in a company, more the person talks about Innovation and less he actually do it. Why?

INNOVATION MYSTERY #2: Everyone is interested in produce of innovation but rarely people are interested in knowing how to innovate 

INNOVATION MYSTERY #3: Most of us like to advise others on innovation - rarely applying those advisory principles on our own self 

INNOVATION MYSTERY #4: Post Facto - every innovation is obvious but when we were at the change point rarely we will choose the change path 

 INNOVATION MYSTERY #5: Ideas are available - cheaply!

INNOVATION MYSTERY #6:  It is all about Execution!

INNOVATION MYSTERY #7: Patents can not be used for inventing the future!
INNOVATION MYSTERY #8: Patents are what lawyers do!

INNOVATION MYSTERY #9: Lawyers know about patent law means they know about innovation!!

One can ask - OK - what are YOU saying?
What am I saying

Innovation is about CHANGE - and in my opinion the greatest definition of Innovation has come not from Steve Jobs (The current Fashioned heartthrob of  various Innovation Speakers - Please read Mystery #1 above) But - Surprise Surprise ---- ( from the old boring almost too much preaching - oh no - not again!) ... Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (M.K. Gandhi) - In a remarkable quote - which in my opinion is really the key to Innovation he said

M.K. Gandhi – “You be the CHANGE that you want to see in the world” 
I have paraphrased it further little bit - more explicit  --                                                                                                  Successful creation of change by (new) ideas.

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