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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Publishing on LinkedIn - Pulse and Writing on LinkedIn

If you are on linkedin, you would have seen the opportunity that LinkedIn provides to publish your writings.

It was there, and I did not know whether to avail or not, since I write this blog, as well as a column on Frontier India , I was hesitant to start.

A late night chat with a friend on facebook resulted in a quick article which I promptly published on linkedin as

CHANGE IS DESIGN - one can read it on linkedin HERE

The response was quick and interesting, I could see how many have viewed the article and how many shares etc.

Since then in less than two weeks I have written 5 more posts (small articles on topics, experiences and views that I have)

Need for changing the Indian IT services companies -
(a) Needed Revolution can be read HERE
(b) What the IT Services Revolution will require can be read in part 2 HERE

How networks help in connecting. The way one can connect utilizing the hidden power of networks is what I have discovered and written as My Mother's Recipe

Then I wrote couple of my personal experiences on how people use certain phrases without actually connecting with the reality. How one can counter those people. You can read it as I want it Yesterday Syndrome

A facebook post led me to write on when should one start on a new idea - or start a new enterprise - and I wrote Soon After, Never.

Overall it has made me spend more time on LinkedIn and also quick publishing and feedback on thoughts and ideas.

Nice Experience!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Patents in Technology Acquisition - Do we understand what we are saying?

Strategic Analysis in Chaotic Times - Sino-Indian Conflict Scenarios


Axioms of my life:

1. The greatest risk in my life is that I may not take any risk (self quote)

2. If I am not creating, I am not living (self quote)

3. Purpose of life is to keep on searching for the purpose of your life (self quote)

4. Reward for hard work is more work (self quote)

5. I must follow them, I am their leader (anonymous)

6. Remembrance is a form of meeting, Forgetfulness is a form of freedom (Khalil Gibran)

7. Machines only think that they can think (modified the original by Bob Hope)

8. Be the change that you want to see in the world (Gandhi, MK)

9. Politics is not my cup of tea, I drink coffee (self-quote)

10. God is continuously evolving, it is in its nature (self-quote)

Once the word is written - A Poem

Once the word is written
It tears away
from my soul

My eyes
watch it go away
as my heart holds it
not to sway
Yet it leaves its mark
from where it was wrenched away

To be etched on the 
that reduces it to a mere
word -

That just a moment before 
My soul.

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