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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gary Hamel in Future of Management

Gary Hamel says in The Future of Management

"Today, obedience, diligence, and expertise can be bought for next to nothing. From Bangalore to Guangzhou, they have become global commodities"

He further gives a Table of relative contribution of specific human capabilities in value creation and comes up with following Table

Passion 35%
Creativity 25%
Initiative 20%
Intellect 15%
Diligence 05%
Obedience 00%
Total 100%

He further states and I quote, "... rule-following employees are worth zip in terms of competitive advantage they generate"

Would like to hear the readers views? Do you believe above %ages or would like to change them or would like to add any other factors - for example, Managers who quote numbers, may like to have Standardized processes as human capabilities!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I will tell how to innovate - You innovate"

Innovation has become such an abused word everywhere, that nowadays, i dont even look at these articles and books.

Secondly, there are people who say," you should do innovation the way I am telling you". They will typically back it up with post facto stories of someone did that and did this.

Having met many such self-professed guru's, I am already tired of their lessons learned and abstracted to create their methods of innovation.

When you ask them to - lets do it, they say "yes yes, you do it, we are with you".
It is rare that these people will take the plunge into change!

To my mind, people who preach and preach - loose authenticity and credibility.

Are you a preacher or an innovator?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am not a Leader .... and I dont want to be as well...

There is an enormous amount of ink and digital ink produced on the subject of Leadership and how to be a Leader, how to produce leaders and many leadership programmes.

To me somehow - the following amounts to be one axiom of life

1. I do not want to be a Leader

That does not mean that I have to a follower.

2. I can be neither a leader nor a follower,

I just do what I believe in ------------- Others who want to join ............or are doing similar things can join and we can do together................

anywhere when I get a situation where anyone tries to control me or start behaving as my leader, is not acceptable to me. Similarly, any where when some one starts behaving as my follower is not acceptable to me.

Since we have categorized our world into leaders and followers, world puts us in these baskets.

I think we just need to be doing what we are doing - and consider every one - who so ever he or she may be at equal level ... That is, in my opinion, essence of co-crafting.

I dont want to be a Leader, simultaneously I dont want to be led.

If we can do things together, we will do things together.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Co-creation Failures

I asked a question on our linkedIn group - Co-crafting Innovation

Co-Creation Failures - When was the last time you tried to co-create and it failed? What were the reasons - any thoughts - any factors? Does it requires more than trust, confidence and synergy?

Co-Creation or Co-crafting is the process when two or more distinct actors, choose to build, design, develop, evolve, create or change a system, artifact or a concept together, in a more or less self-emergent and self-organizing way. One of the examples of community co-crafting, of course, is the open source way. However, there may be other ways, that we may have explored and have left as they didnt work out. I would request you to share those examples from your own experiences. I really am looking co-crafting cases that failed.

Most of the times the reasons for my failures at co-creation have been -
(a) Egos - it is about ME not about US
(b) Insecurity
(c) Higher Level - super system impacts - Typically the so called managers have come to the picture and simply shifted the focus to something else to meet some petty political, risk-less objectives
(d) People - even the co-crafter goes into an evaluation mode
(e) People - even the co-crafter goes into MY VIEW vs YOUR VIEW
(f) People - even the co-crafter starts hiding information - which leads to ME mentality and mistrust
(g) Contribution to common operating picture - the open way work should happen for all parties to be aware of everything - becomes a problem as some people contribute to common operating picture whereas some start using the common operating picture but avoiding any contribution to it
(h) People start believing that they have learned enough now - and now they want to get their ROIs - as soon as these thoughts come - learning stops - ROI is a big big problem to learning
(i) I am right and you are wrong - is another problem - it is extremely difficult for people to accept that both of may be right - in fact there is nothing called wrong or right - These are two different ways - or in fact multiple ways to explore the problem
(j) If one person starts getting more credit as a perceived ROI, then also the the co-creation process fails
(k) Emergence - happens by doing things together - not playing the hierarchy - people change over time - initial learners start behaving they now know and that creates a problem
(l) "Let Learning lead" - looks simple, but it is one of most difficult process - as our egos comes into picture
(m) "We are designed to compete" - hence co-creation is an alien process to humans
(n) We have been characterizing Evolution as "survival of the fittest" - thereby the fittest are chosen, whereas we need to look at "elimination of the weakest" where as only those who are weakest - eliminated and rest all move ahead - to get more chances or possibilities.
(o) We like to kill ideas - especially if they are from others
(p) we like to develop ideas - especially if they are our own

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Global Survey - TRIZ - Please Participate

Dear Friends:

Denis Cavallucci (past president of ETRIA and professor at INSA in Strasbourg, France) is organizing a global survey of the use and propagation of TRIZ. It would be very helpful if you would participate in the survey. Primarily, go to

and answer the questions—it will take about a half hour. Secondarily, it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass this e-mail to your clients, to enhance the industry participation, so that the broadest possible cross-section of companies can be included. There are more than 30 people in 30 countries who are distributing this survey—my emphasis is on India, and I know that many of you are multinational practioners—you will no doubt get multiple requests (the survey will be available in Spanish and Korean shortly—English only for now.)

There is one question that asks how you got this survey—if you got it directly from me, please just put “Navneet Bhushan” and if you got a request forwarded by someone else, please put the name of the person who sent it to you. When you forward it to other consultants and to clients, of course ask them to put your name in that spot. This will be part of the research on how the network works.

The survey asks about industry, consultants, and academics. If you are in multiple categories (academic and consultant, for example) please fill out both sections.

Thanks in advance! The results will be published at the ETRIA meeting and in the TRIZ Journal. Your participation will enhance the richness of the survey.

Look forward to your active participation.

with warm regards,


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Designing a Naked Enterprise

How can we make Enterprises Naked?

Yesterday I was online chatting with an ex-colleague and friend, - Rathnadhar K.V. and in the discussions it emerged that everyone should work towards making the enterprise - NAKED.

Without any hidden agendas, making work and non-work visible and open for all to see will make Politicians and dictatorial bullies - that make up most of the ills of the enterprises - open for everyone to see and hence minimize or in fact eliminate inefficiency.

Look forward to your ideas - on How to make Enterprises Naked!

May be we can write a paper on Blueprint for a Naked Enterprise.

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