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Saturday, December 27, 2008

TRIZ Becomes Mainstream!

When Steve Hamm writes about TRIZ at Businessweek it becomes Mainstream!
Please find the article here.

More than the article it is the specific reader comments which caught my eye

I just quote one, "TRIZ is nothing but a rehash of ideas and methods that have existed since the industrial revolution.Thomas Edison,Bell Labs, and numerious well run companies used the same methods (albiet, not in a fancy package). Same with Six Sigma."

Even if above is true, TRIZ I have found is much more powerful than any other "BOX" to structure inventiveness of human minds together!

As my friend from Altshuller Institute Richard Langevin comments at the article "TRIZ is a powerful methodology for the identification of numerous solution concepts for difficult problems. It is also food for the mind that will open your eyes to the opportunities for resolving conflict in many kinds of systems and forecasting future systems. TRIZ is the best kept secret in the world."

It is a secret indeed - as doing it requires very hard work initially - which the fast mover superficial minds of the western world have a bigger problem. The "Not Invented Here" is another reason why TRIZ is taking time to proliferate. Had it been an American Process - by now whole world would have gone through multi-rounds of mass hysteria! Well - Looks like TRIZ sells slow and on its own power!

So Full Steam ahead on using TRIZ type philosophies to create a new world of continuous innovation!
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