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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to be an Idea Flirt?

I think one needs to become an Idea Flirt as quickly as one can be

An Idea Flirt is one who engages with ideas for some time - and then with next ideas -

And more importantly flirt with as many ideas as you can same time.

From flirting with many ideas - some ideas will develop into longer relationships - may be a long term relationship.

With some one may get into a marriage - the trick for being a successful Idea Flirt - is to be keep on flirting with new ideas - even if you are in many long term relationships and every married to some of them.

This requires a continuous exploration of the field :) to search and open to have tea/coffees and even one night stands with some of the ideas! While you continue to be in stable marriages and long term relationships with many of the stable ideas!

One important point is to know - how and when to get out of a relationship and even marriage with ideas!

Further - never divorce your ideas - even if your relationship is dead!
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