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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The STEMIC TCP model of the World/Universe

The STEMIC TCP Model of the World and the Universe

First the Expansion

Space Time Energy Matter Information Change (STEMIC) Thought Consciousness Power (TCP)

The 9 elements listed above describes a new model of the world that I have been trying to work out for many months now. It is still evolving and hence is open for discussions and evolution.

I think - Space, Time, Energy, Matter and Information are the 5 basic elements which are integrated/connected in multiple ways with each other.

With information or difference (as some authors have articulated Information to be dependent on observer therefore Difference is a better term) - we will use Information as the key element for our model, With information - matter and energy create structures through a process of Change.

This is the basic sub-model of a universe that evolves (Changes) on its own.

The TCP sub-model (Thought Consciousness and Power)

With thoughts and consciousness - given to the observers which we call Living beings (different living beings) - the universe becomes aware of itself - The thoughts and consciousness provide the living structures (Cell, organs, organisms, groups, corporations, nations and supranational organizations) an ability to Change STEMI.

We are in the information age as they say
Pre-Industrial world - producing and storing Matter;
Industrial - Producing & using Energy;
Post-Industrial world - understand and manage Information;
Post-Information world - understanding, creating and organizing Change (Innovation);
Post-Change world - Understanding, creating and organizing Thoughts and Consciousness;
Post-Conscious World - Understanding, creating and organizing Power! ~

Look forward to comments

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