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Friday, September 15, 2006

Red Teams?


Organizations/Enterprises - the large ones are prone to destroying innovations before they are born. The CEOs need to create RED TEAMS for creating the business killers - If you dont kill your business - someone else will?

The RED TEAMs - are they feasible in large enterprises?

Dependencies create Complexities

Dependency Structure Matrices (

DSM is an interesting way to structure complexity and hence an aid to innovation and problem solving. Visit this year's workshop and last years as well.

Humour - Must for Innovation

Humour-An essential ingredient of Innovation

How much is humour relevant to inventors, innovators and creativity? It is becoming clear that ability to create humour is the extremely difficult part and in fact a very creative act of human mind. It is essential for Innovation....


Problem solving methods have always looked at how to reduce the problem into smaller pieces and then solve the part problems. This has served the science and technology through out the ages. The complexification as a method of solving problems is the other extreme. It may be worth while to look at how more complexification may actually help solve problems...

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