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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Kalki Avataar - Singularity

Karthik mentioned that in a way the 10 Avataars of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu Mythology indicates evolution of life on earth. The 10th Avataar called the Kalki Avataar is suppose to happen during our life time.

The technology Forecasting guru Ray Kurzweil claims the end of human race as we know is near and artificial /Machines will exceed biological intelligence b 2045 AD.

Since Arthur C. Clark died last week, as a tribute to the Science Fiction Writer, I predict, The Kalki Avataar will be half machine half human. I hope this is not blasphemy.

By definition then, the 10th Avataar has to be created by humans - not necessarily through biological processes alone but ma be through artificial process as well.

Let us wait - or shall we start thinking of making the next Avataar!
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