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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Customers Dont know - Suppliers dont know

Some years back US Department of defence talked about Capabilities based strategy, rather than platform or elements based startegy to take care of uncertain future threats. The idea being in an uncertain threat scenario - meaning who will be your ememy in future you cant know upfront - the ke capabilities developed will be enmeshed to create a just in time response to the emerging threat.
In the new world of work, the so called co-creation is becoming more and more evident. The customers dont know what they need and suppliers dont know what customers need. The process is to bring together customer capabilities and supplier capabilities together just in time to craft specific solutions for the client.

Looks like it is the begining of end of Standardization practices... It is newness of each and every customer that will take the business ahead - the co-creationization is the next step to globalization!

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