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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Knowledge Worker Productivity

Well, some day I had to quote the Guru anyway, so why not now.

Peter Drucker says SIX major factors determine knowledge worker productivity (KWP)

1. KWP demands that we ask the question what is the task?
2. It demands that we impose the responsibility for their productivity on the individual K workers themselves. KW have to manage themselves. They have to have AUTONOMY.
3. Continuing Innovation has to be part of the work, the task and the responsibility of KWs
4. KWork requires continuous learning on the part of K Worker, but equally continuous teaching on the part of K worker.
5. Productivity of KWorker is not - at least not primarily - a matter of quantity of output. Quality is at least as important.
6. Finally KWP requires that KW should be seen and treated as an asset rather than cost. It requires that KW wants to work for the organization in preference to all other opportunities.

Well, when the GURU speaks - we need to listen. All IT companies out there - please understand Kilo Lines of Code / Person Week is a ridiculous measure of productivity. In fact such a foolish measure actually!!!!
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