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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am not a Leader .... and I dont want to be as well...

There is an enormous amount of ink and digital ink produced on the subject of Leadership and how to be a Leader, how to produce leaders and many leadership programmes.

To me somehow - the following amounts to be one axiom of life

1. I do not want to be a Leader

That does not mean that I have to a follower.

2. I can be neither a leader nor a follower,

I just do what I believe in ------------- Others who want to join ............or are doing similar things can join and we can do together................

anywhere when I get a situation where anyone tries to control me or start behaving as my leader, is not acceptable to me. Similarly, any where when some one starts behaving as my follower is not acceptable to me.

Since we have categorized our world into leaders and followers, world puts us in these baskets.

I think we just need to be doing what we are doing - and consider every one - who so ever he or she may be at equal level ... That is, in my opinion, essence of co-crafting.

I dont want to be a Leader, simultaneously I dont want to be led.

If we can do things together, we will do things together.

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