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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crafitti Consulting - Engagement Levels

Crafitti Consulting

The Process

We start with a very clear message – we don’t know your problem. Further if you already know your problem, may be we are not the right strategic partners for you. We believe in structured approaches to find the right problem to solve rather than force fit cookie-cutter solutions to perceived problems that typically we believe we know. These approaches are our proprietary frameworks that are handcrafted and combined to orient the team and develop solutions to the specific business needs through following high-level phases:

Phase I: Finding the right problem through consensus

System Thinking based approaches help teams to explore, expand and enhance the scenarios to find the right problems to solve

Phase II: Finding solutions that you normally would not have thought of

The psychological inertia of core competence, we believe is the greatest hindrance to innovation. Through our step-by-step immersion process we take the teams through the scenarios that help them penetrate the barriers of psychological inertia. We craft brainicanes for loads of ideas.

These are clustered through adjacency matrices and solution depth is developed through recursive application of some of the frameworks and techniques. These solutions are mapped to key value parameters and evaluated for execution using our best-in-class framework based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).

Phase III: Creating Solution Execution Strategies

Combining the elements of Strategy, Process, Organization and Technology as part of Crafitti’s SPOT framework, we co-design the execution strategies for solutions generated in phase II.

These has an evolutionary flavour to them which helps us future proofing the solutions through set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE), Lean and TRIZ principles. Execution by thinking through things is our methodology that combine common sensical principles with deep execution experience to make solution execution lean, robust and predictable. Our approach produces a crisis-free execution where all stake holders are involved in the process with a comprehensive common operating picture available to them.


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