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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



The CRAFITTI CONSULTING Engagement uses the step-by-step process of exploring the system through our science based proprietary frameworks developed over a period of almost 2 decades of experimentation, exploration and evaluation. The process steps include mining Patent and web based information in a particular field to provide large number of triggers in multitude of directions for the Inventive minds to come out with large number of ideas for developing products, processes and patents in the chosen technical field. The Co-crafting Innovation methodology results in a large number of possible ideas that can be converted for commercial benefits in very quick time. Starting from the vague information about the technological area to look into, the Co-Crafting Innovation process rapidly penetrates through the barriers of psychological inertia in the minds of experts, to create insights into the problems that have hitherto been not possible. The systematic way to convert the unidirectional thinking along the core competencies of the experts in the fields into multi-dimensional storms of multitude of ideas in a limited amount of time is the greatest benefit that the clients have achieved through the Co-Crafting Innovation Engagements.

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