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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strategy Generation

About a year back, I was involved in a strategy generation session. After brainstorming we asked each one to write down the objectives and focus that we should have. There emerged six main points

1. Solve the Right Problems -> Capability to make right decisions
2. Give the right job to right person -> Have more people with multiple experiences
3. Understand and manage dependencies

4. Understand and manage customer needs and expectations, improve communications, work closely with clients

5. Craft and work in the Blue Ocean Continuously

6. Provide conducive environment for infrastricture, culsture and learning

On Closer look - I would like to classify these six objevtives into four focus areas

1. First three points I categorize as DECISION ENGINEERING
2. Fourth point is to design and deploy a CUSTOMER VALUE framework
3. Fifth point is to develop an INNOVATION CRAFTING framework
4. Last point is to Build a LEARNING ORGANIZATION

Well, this can be a blueprint for future of organizations!
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