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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


From June 1 2008, we have launched CRAFITTI CONSULTING - the brand new Innovation Consulting Firm that works in the co-crafting model - working with the clients as partners rather than the fly by transactions operators that we have seen across the spectrum.
Following is an introductory email that I posted to TRIZ India Yahoo group.
Dear All,

After years of experience in applying TRIZ, using Patent databases and TRIZ based patent analysis, Lean Thinking and Decision Engineering techniques such as Analytic Hierarchy Process, in various projects across domains, we have started an Innovation consulting firm Crafitti Consulting (http://www. crafitti. com).

Over past many years, many of you have asked me whether I can provide some sort of consultancy on TRIZ and other techniques that I have experimented with. My answer had always been that since I am employed right now, I have to go through the organization that I work for which typically becomes a constraint. Now that constraint is no more.

The integrated approach of innovation that we have developed happens to be unique with inputs from Lean Product Development, TRIZ, DSM, AHP, and Patent Analysis. This integrated approach or frameworks as the case be, have been developed through years of experience in applying, deploying and embedding in the very fabric of large global enterprises. First time we are offering these as solutions to the unknown and known needs of Indian Industry as we sincerely believe that India needs to be empowered for innovation, especially when the young minds are thriving in large numbers in India.

Recent work published in TRIZ-journal for example is testimony to my claim that the results are definitely order of magnitude more stronger through our integrated approach rather than applying any of these techniques in isolation. http://www.triz- archives/ 2008/06/04/

We shall be more than happy to share with you our services and the way we can work together. Our model is Co-crafting Innovation together and I can assure you we will work with you in identifying the right problems, generating solutions that one normally would not generate and executing these in a manner where robustness and Lean thinking assures minimum crisis situations.

Our mantra is " We do not know your problems. If you already know your problems then also we are not the right partners for you. However, if you really want to build an organization that learns continuously, create blue oceans regularly and thrives in uncertain, unknown and unpredictable times, we would put our skin in your future. Thats a promise!"

Look forward to working with you in co-crafting a future that is innovative and exhilarating at the same time. We will do it.

with warm regards,

Navneet Bhushan
Crafitti Consulting
http://www.crafitti .com
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