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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1991-2011 (20 Years of Globalization) - from Profession to Passion and other trends

The 1991 -2011 one can safely proclaim - 2 decades of rapid globalization that we have seen

Some personal observations

  • In 1991 it was about "what is your profession?" today it is really about "what is your passion?"
Today when we hire - we look for candidates who r overflowing with "passion" - (atleast thats what we do at Crafitti (

  • In 1991 it was about "Multi-criteria decision making" - today it is about Multi-perspective and Multi-dimensional decision making

  • In 1991 it was all about "competition" - How do I compete - It become "how do I collaborate" - now it is about how do we co-create

  • In 1991 it was "Me too" today it is "We All"

  • In 1991 it was "buying a Car" {or buying anything} - it became "selecting a Car" today it is "Demanding My Car"

  • In 1991 it was all about "consuming" today it is all about "embracing"

  • In 1991 it was all about "watching from the sidelines" - Today it is all about "Immersing in the action"

  • In 1991 it was "My Mohalla" (My street) today it is "Global Mohalla"

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