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Monday, February 28, 2011

5Ps of starting something new

If you want to start something new - what you should have

1. Passion Long term sustainability will require passion - Passion creates a momentum in you that overcomes all possible naysayers and inertias of why something will not work

2. Patience Take it that there will be delays, difficulties and outright demeaning people - with smiles that means mockery - however please also remember - each such smile - also hides a fear - fear of "if you succeed..." then those smiles have to become awe ... To override all these smiles - build patience in your system

3. Perseverance King Bruce and the spider - will start making complete sense to you - there is no other method than learning from spider - on rebuilding your net - again and again even if you keep on failing.

4. Planning is actually an essential activity. Even if innovators may not understand it. I suggest a minimum level of planning is essential - key list of activities and follow up on them over a period of time - makes sense

5. Pride is something that I learnt recently. I somehow never thought about pride in doing what you are starting - actually Pride in doing the change is so important that it can actually lead you to build on other Ps.

So if you want to create change in the world that you want to see - build on 5Ps!

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