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Sunday, October 02, 2011

How to be an Innovation Co-Crafter?

"I am seeing this first time - your designation is co-crafter" - He looked at my visiting card and remarked! I was about to start a presentation on how to create Innovation Professionals to a set of senior executives from a group of companies.  ~ After I explained what is a co-crafter - the COO said - I want to create 100 co-crafters in next 2 years!

I thought it make sense to capture what I explained as a co-crafter - all of us at my company Crafitti Consulting are co-crafters. We co-craft innovation together with all the minds working for and with our clients.

A Co-Crafter is a Simpleton, Scientist and Saint - who starts along with people in a system (experienced domain experts) to reach to the SOUL of the system. He starts every time as a simpleton (IDIOT if you may - in Chetan Bhagat's articulation in his book 3 Idiots) - then he becomes a scientist and finally achieves sainthood - reaching and delivering a wisdom of the system to effect change that is needed - making the system as close to Ideal as is possible. In this journey - he creates systemic change along with people in the system.

Everytime co-crafter starts as a simpleton who has multiple lenses to view reality and many times creates new lenses to look at reality - during this adventures in wonderland he behaves like a scientist - experimenting exploring understanding through the steps of SOUL - See, Observe, Understand and Live - after the simpleton has reached to the SOUL of the system, he starts the change process needed - a change that impacts all around him. Slowly the wisdom gleaned from this becomes the new change that the system needed and experts start developing their expertise in the new change!

A co-crafter is a simpleton who becomes a scientist and then achieves sainthood by working with a system and the people in the system to make the system as close to an ideal system as is possible - He has to be humble, has to accept that he doesnt know and actually need to reach the SOUL of the system by learning to See, Observe, Understand and Live (SOUL) the system. Achieving Sainthood from being a simpleton everytime is a learning process!

A co-crafter takes the organization that he works with to the Simplicity on the other side of complexity - one has to go through complexity. This side of simplicity will keep us simpletons - I hope you can connect with being Simpleton as this side of complexity - being a Saint is on other side of complexity and exploring complexity is being a scientist! - The co-crafter takes the system through a journey of simplicity from this side of complexity to the other side of complexity, breaking and many times shattering the mountains of complexity!

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