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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

India Innovates in Abstract like no one else - My Interview

Frontier India carried my interview on Innovation and role of Crafitti

Some Excerpts

                  " India as a country is amazing in its complexity and ability to absorb change – India has absorbed vast amount of changes and adapted to the changing world through inherent strengths. Ability to adapt to the world and adopt the globe as one is summed up in our philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – the whole world is one single family. However, time has come to advance this philosophy to creating change along with the global village. This is what is summed in our company’s philosophy as “Crafting Innovation Together”.

Finally India innovates in abstract in a way no one else can. The number of icons, the frameworks, the swami’s, the cults, the “way of life” methodologies, the “road to nirvana” mechanisms that India has created over many centuries, I do not think any other civilization has created. We are greatest exporters of “the abstract”. The strength of abstract actually becomes a weakness in a world that is about machines, the automatons, the robots and mass-scale production.

               "However, the new world that we are seeing now needs new ways to solve problems. The new age of innovation requires new methods to deal with complexity. They are likely to be based on a deeper understanding of indeterminacy, non-linearity, chaos, adaptation, self-organization and distributed intelligence. India scores naturally on all these – much better than any other country. However, we need to inculcate the new methods for a systemic change. We need to make India Innovative. In fact, that’s the only course left for the whole world as the largest population of youngest minds in the next 25 years will be based in India."

The complete Interview can be read HERE

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