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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to "Take Your Jobs" Back from Machines

Dear Friends,

Are you in danger of losing your jobs to RPA, Machines and AI?

HOW TO BEAT THE MACHINES .. AI and machines that are learning ...
Recommendation of these 5 books .. to counter the hyperAutomation that all workers are facing .. the Robotic Process Automation and loss of Jobs ...

1. TOYOTA KATA - what practices Toyota follows for managing "people" for improvement adaptiveness and superior results

2. HOW WE LEARN - in the age of machines which are getting inititaed to learning .. humans who have been learning as part of evolution need to go deeper into deep learning. No machine could learn the way we learned to learn.

3. DEEP WORK - minimization of the shallow work that we have been doing is the key. Get your deep work On - defined as " ...activities performed in a state of distraction free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limits. These efforts create new value, improve your skills and are hard to replicate ( even by machines)."

4. PEAK - why machines will beat us. They will be at their peak performance 24x7 unlike we humans. However we have practices that can give PEAKS and extend our practices to extraordinary achievements that no machines can beat.

5. HUMANS ARE UNDERRATED .. what high achievers know that brilliant machines never will

I suggest a read of these 5 books .. then you are good to go for taking on deep learning machine intelligence ! GOOD LUCK !

For those who are " busy" in work - shallow or deep - I leave it to you. the algorithm from the books is

Get more percentage of "deep work" into your work. Continuously learn to learn. Maximize the peak performance by practicing for specific skills (the "10000 hours rule" is just a myth), Get your humanness On - as in "the machines will take over media gloss" humans are being unnecessarily getting under-rated, and finally, get into managing yourself and your people NOT by "implementing" Lean, Agile or Design Thinking, but maximizing the cognitive and thinking skills of all the minds working with you to improve continuously , adapt robustly and evolve creatively .  

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