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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Play Uncommon Games - to become an Innovation Co-Crafter who is an Equation Transformer

 The Innovation Co-Crafter

 Skin in The Game - A Recipe for Continuous Evolution

1. By putting my "skin in the game " in every game I have participated and lost or won, I have lost or changed my skin game by game.It is worth noting the all the games that has removed some skin from my body has given me a new skin and a new me ! 

2. One learning - play only those games where you put your skin in the game ...
Those games will be typically "uncommon sense and uncommon nonsense " as distinct from " common sense " and " common non sense "

3. Becoming Equation Transformers !

 Uncommon Games with Skin in the Game you will become Equation Transformers" instead of "Equation Solvers".

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