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Sunday, October 05, 2008

What is your Innovation Quotient? Take this TEST

Answer the following questions to find your Innovation Quotient: (Copyright Navneet Bhushan :))

1. How many times you think to change or do differently whatever you are doing (including driving and eating) :

(a) Always (b) Almost Always (c) Sometimes (d) Never

2. How many times you actually do differently what ever you have been doing in a particular way:

(a) Always (b) Almost Always (c) Sometimes (d) Never

3. How many times you follow whatever is written as an instruction for you to follow:

(a) Never (b) Sometimes (c) Almost Always (d) Always

4. How many times you share with others whatever different results you have achieved by doing something differently

(a) Always (b) Almost Always (c) Sometimes (d) Never

5. With how many people you share different results or failed experiments of yours that have you have achieved by doing things differently

(a) Everyone (b) Whoever is willing to listen (c) Some very close friends (d) Nobody


Give 4, 3, 2 and Zero marks for each (a), (b), (c) or (d) respectively.

Score 18 and above: Maverick - Innovation is in your Blood: You are likely to continuously change the world around you - it can be for positive or negative I am not sure - but overall in a time period the results will be positive. However, take time to chill out sometimes as well and accept there are others who may like to share something. You are the maverick.

Score between 14 and 17: Balanced Innovator/Planned Innovation: You have nicely balanced it out. You think about consequences and do systematic Innovation based on planning and take the results to world in an organized manner. Sometimes you need to bring in a dash of maverick inside you and sometimes you may need a more systematic approach. However you are a balanced innovator.

Score between 11 and 13: Manager of Status Quo: You have been trained to follow authorities. Accept things as they are and likely to reproduce results following a particular process. In a world where predictability and certainty are norms you will be successful. The word that describes you is a solid manager. However the world is changing very fast - please take time out to understand that managing something as is may be less risky - however in a world which changes at tearing pace - it is the riskiest situation to be in. Please come out and start doing things differently. May be have some mavericks in your group. You are the solid manager.

Score Less than 10: Why do we need Innovation? The fear of change, the shyness, the acceptance of your life as is - makes you either an extremely wise man - who thinks that this world and the material things including social connections are just a mirage and real you is not the body nor the mind - it is your soul that you need to connect to and why to change anything when it is just a dream. Well if that is really you - don't get perturbed by this survey and carry on your path of enlightenment - may be you are closer to nirvana than others - however if that is not the reason - please get up and think about what you want to do - take up one initiative at least and follow it up with focus - get more vocal about what you are doing and take little more risks in life. Unless you are detaching yourself from life towards eternal bliss.

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