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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Screw your Employees - The strategy for screwed-up times

My friend Sunil writes a very nice blog the recent post is very nice to read -

I like to give the following title to his post

In Screwed-up Times strategy should be to Screw your employees -
Sunil gives the action plan as well -
Screw your employees as they are 80% of the operation cost for IT companies..they have nowhere else to go! (Apologies for being rude but I think it is more effective to use strong words)
a. Put them in any project any technology...throw them into the first available project....if they dont survive fire them
b. If your employees ask for change or roll off from engagement lower their performance rating
c. reduce their salaries
These are the strategies especially for IT companies.
I think for others - the advise would be same!

Innovation is Power!

Innovation (and not knowledge) is Power

This may look cliched - Really thinking about Power - power, I wrote in a paper in 1998 which became a chapter in my book Strategic Decision Making , is the ability to change something from its current situation and if you know Innovation is also about change

I think Innovation is Power is the right Equation!

What say you, dear reader?

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