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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Innovation Crafting - The Framework

Artful Making - Managing it without any leader

Its Election Time in India

One of the reasons people dont vote

The options (candidates available) all are same. There is no difference, hence the vote doesnt count.

May be if we think about how to participate in creating YOUR option, create, help, build or grow a candidate that you want to offer to the government - may be then you will connect with the voting pattern.

Why should I create my option/my candidate?

For the same reason that you are creating your business, your clients, your products, your services, your family, your LIFE -
because if you dont create your own options - someone else will create and control you!


What All Adds Value in a Network?

Network Value

  • Size of the network definitely (number of nodes)
  • The Structure of the Network
  • Each Tie between nodes
  • Every activation of the tie (activation means whenever something actually travels on the links between nodes)
  • Value also is added by nodes joining a network and bringing more nodes
  • Value may be destroyed by various interactions as well
  • Value addition and its vibrations need to stay long
  • What is Value Vibration in a network?

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