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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

National Security, Military Doctrine and Evaluation

How to evaluate National Security? - in the blogpost HERE Mr. Emmanuel Meneut proposes the Analytic Hierarchy Process framework described in my book Strategic Decision Making

The five main factors considered when the book was published in 2004 were

- The world power situation (W) - The Bi-polar world shifting to Current Unipolar and possible multi-polar world

- The Commercial situation (C) - Network of smaller companies and large MNCs - the interplay

- The Technological factors (T) - Multiple new technologies enabling collaboration, mass transport etc

- The international environmental factors (E)

- The Socio cultural factors (S)

In the book National Security: Imperatives and Challenges (the link on google books here) The doctrine model initially described in my paper in 1998 called "future of warfare - a search for military doctrine" has been referred and developed further.

I have added the cyber doctrine dimension recently to the National Security doctrine as given in my post HERE

I think combining the AHP framework for factors affecting national security and the military doctrines framework together can give comprehensive insights for creating a more robust national security system.

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