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Monday, November 15, 2010

Truth Filters and Customer Value

In Revolutionary Wealth, Tofflers talk about six truth filters that we use in our lives. These are - Authority, Consensus, Consistency, Revelation, Durability and Science. Of all the truth filters - Science - the experimental and exploratory way of establishing truth has been the cause of technological progress of the world and our understanding of the current and future world.

The authors assert that Science - as the truth filter is under major threat today from other five truth filters.

I propose that these truth filters can be used to understand how two actors (persons, companies, organizations, networks, societies) interact with each other if they have predominant different truth filters. we get a 6 x 6 matrix to understand the framework or a 5 x 5 matrix if we combine authority and revelation.

This can be a very potent framework in conjunction with other such frameworks to understand relationships.

For example, the customer value framework describe in the articles

Define and Quantify Customer Value - Reveal the Needs


Global Complexity Challenges Innovative Enterprises

will lead to deep insights about how to create resonate customer value with your customers.

I am working on this framework - will keep you posted about this new framework!

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