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Monday, May 30, 2011


Space and Time Make up the Physics of the Seen (SpaceTime the physics of the very tiny and very large).
The systems thinkers have talked about Matter, Energy and Information.

So if we look at the basic building block of universe we have Space, Time (Spacetime), Matter, Energy and Information.

It is information that organizes matter and energy in Spacetime. The STEMI can organize on its own based on principle of maximum entropy or can be orchestrated by Thought and Consciousness (The Mind of the "Matter" - the artificial).

The ability to reorganize matter and energy in spacetime using information is the ability of the Man. This requires Thought and Consciousness.

Finally The ability to create these changes in matter and energy to organize into structures, I call, the power.

When we talk about System - from fundamental principles point of view - set of elements (matter organized in spacetime) working together (exchanging energy and information) to achieve an objective or perform a function (Create Change - in Matter, Energy and Information in Spacetime).

When the system is achieved by thought and consciousness we make systems artificial. The ability to create and control change is power.

I call this the STEMIC TCP Model.
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