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Friday, June 10, 2016

A Telephonic Conversation - Parallel Universe !

Caller : i am calling from tuk tuk University from NCR. On your website can we list our events 

Me: we are not an event portal but a company which some times run innovation workshops and events but which we conduct?

Caller : no no you do not understand. I am in charge of SEO of the University. By the way your website has low ranking. By putting our blogs and our events your ranking can increase?

Me : your assertion has one main assumption ?

Caller : no no no assumption. I have passed out of cccc University in Bangalore. 

Me: But i think you are assuming that we need to increase our ranking through SEO?

Caller : that is not an assumption. How can you not want..

Me: may be i dont want to be known to such an extent that the type of phone calls and conversation that we are having right now doesn't increase...

Caller : no no you dont understand ...

me: yes i don't understand your world.. may be we are in parallel universes ... this seem to be cross connection ... bye bye
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