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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Information has become a self-feeding loop for the Enterprises. The realization that - The more you know the more you need to know - has yielded unprecedented hunger for more data and information at all levels in the Enterprise. However, this information and data explosion yields a directionless collection of data at various levels in the Enterprise. This leads to Information de-coherence and leads to high volumes of collected data lying unused. The data could have been put to a proper usage in creating Decisions at various levels in the Enterprise. There is a requirement to convert the incoherent data into actionable knowledge we call Decision Enabling Knowledge (DEK).

To create this DEK, Enterprises need to embrace and combine variety of quantitative and soft-computing techniques from multi-dimensional areas of Operations Research (OR), Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Statistics, Applied Mathematics and System Analysis. This article describes various techniques and their applications for converting mountains of data into genuine insights for transforming Enterprise business.

(This is the abstract of an article I wrote about three years back - send me an email for a pdf of the article)

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