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Friday, January 26, 2007

Global Innovation Complexity

Global Innovation Complexity (GIX)

GIX is increasing as the globalization rapidly accelerating - I call this the GIX Bang - on the lines of Big Bang. The GIX Bang is happening due to the three inherently coupled trends of increasing globalization, increasing complexity and increasing Innovation. However, these three are so intervined with each other that one cant have a model of GIX Bang. A mathematical model of GIX bang will involve coupled non-linear equations of rates of change of Globalization (G), Complexity (X) and Innovation (I). Let us look at the parameters that are impacting these three trends
1. G is impacted by connections (new ways of technological connectivity across the world), Value (economic, social, military, political, technological, human) across the globe that the connections are enabling, Global real time awareness that creates Ideas to increase globalization, Have-nots of the globalizing world are creating various barries for controlling these connections which impact globalization adversely.
2. X is increasing due to dependencies which are global, in multiple dimensions, and much deeper with multiple feedbacks that can create pockets of chaos and pockets of order in the world which leads to more and more of possibility of new - the emergence phenomenon that we all know
3. I is the by product - the G and X interactions demand and will create Innovations - it is the only way for all of us

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