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Friday, July 25, 2008

transforming scientists into Innovators

Knowledge - Deep knowledge in a particular field is essential to Innovate? Right?

May be. However there is this logical condition "Necessary but not sufficient". In fact, many times or most of the times - more knowledge you have - more deeper expert you are, bigger scientist you are, less likely that you will be an INNOVATOR!

Right? well... ? May be.

In fact - "More you know, more you know, how less you know" - gives an interesting view of indefinite spiral of knowledge in a deep field. There are no bottom out - Yet one can get saturated!

Take the Horizontal dimension - in stead of one deep field I explore a wide variety of fields - take inputs from all and then solve my problems. Can this strategy make me a better Innovator?

I think - psychological inertia of deep experts is one problem for Innovation and second problem is superficiality of breadth managers - who know so many fields that they really don't know anything in -particular.

Yet - the combination is needed to Innovate?

The problem is how to make scientists into Innovators - may be by assisting them come out of their core competence or psychological inertia! Second how to make the wide breadth business managers Innovators - may be by assisting them to go deeper into a particular field by solving spirals of problems...

Nevertheless - There is a Need to Transform Scientists into Innovators and there is a need to transform business managers into Innovators!

How to do this? Some thoughts are emerging at Crafitti Consulting (

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