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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blog Writing - A Stress Buster

My friend Suresh has started writing a new blog as he sent an email below

" Here it is: surprisingly a lot of Sanskrit names were taken away already> ... so i settled for this :-) i will link
up my entries into this soon.

As usual thanks to navneet for pushing me again to write.. "

(Well, I think, These Sins are Suresh's Alone - and I have no hand in here :))

But this led me to respond thus

"For me writing the blog has become a stress buster -- of course - this
is based on assumption as if there is stress - may be we dont feel - but
I do feel some sort of release after writing - nowadays I am finding as
I write the blog my writing on other forms - papers etc has drastically
reduced as the craving is satisfied by writing a blog a day!

so may be it has to balanced !!!"

The response I got from CM Reddy - our common friend is below

" "For me writing the blog has become a stress buster - I do feel some
sort of release after writing " - Navneet Bhushan,

I guess this can be a passionate statement which you can start using in
your writings/ interviews.. Believe me, people who write on writing can
use this statement for substantiating about the importance of writing in
life. "


Importance of Writing in Life - is it important?

I think I am fortunate enough to have some sort of writing genes - as my Mother is a known author, but the question is - does it make sense for everyone to write something - a diary perhaps - well, I remember reading long back - a diary writing makes one aware of what is happening and actually helps in reflection at the end of the day...

May be Blogging is a new form of diary writing - except it is open to the world as I write!

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