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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puppets of Chemistry

Where is the free Will
Where is the so called Mind
Where is the so called Body
- We all are really the Puppets of Chemistry!

Predictions 2009

December is the month of predictions - for next year! This is a great pass-time of many analysts and futurists and in general everyone!

Last year in December 2007 - I looked at the some of the predictions at my post here
and asked a question can we find any black swan in those predictions - and as we have seen 2008 played out rather differently -

1. Greed of the Rich (in US) creating a ripple impact of eliminating Trillions of Dollars from the markets (what the hell was sub-prime crisis)
2. Most momentus year in which 100 and 150 years old financial institutions vanished from the face of earth.
3. US Government - started behaving Like the socialist govenment of USSR to save the Automotive Giants in Detroit - from their own greed! (Is it possible?)
4. Mumbai attacked in the most outrageous terrorist attacks on India from across the border and BBC calls them "Gunmen"!
5. Bush "Shoe-gated" in Iraq - in what could be the most iconic feedback to the US and west about what people really think about their continuous greed for OIL!
- It is not over 2008
- we still have a fortnight left - and there might the biggest Black -Swan Lurking somewhere - will it be in this year - anyway 2009 will bring its own black swans!

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