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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Does Business Understand Business Anymore?

The article in FT Does business understand technology any more?

says, quoting a book,

"The authors’ conclusions were far-reaching, claiming businesses would shift from the vertical model of “make, sell and maintain” to a horizontal business model based, in this case, on advising clients about reducing energy costs, maintaining reliable supplies, and more."

The article quotes a Gartner Analyst
“Company boards don’t recognise what IT is or does any more,” he says. “It used to be a thing that you used to increase productivity or automate processes, but that’s been done. Even chief information officers, who thoroughly understand enterprise IT, have been left behind by social IT – which they can’t control.”

The social computing is the change that world all over is engrossed in! Yet businesses all over are not getting it.

In my opinion, the question is, "Does Businesses Understand Business Anymore"?

The nature of business is becoming as the quote at the beginning said Horizontal. More importantly it is happening at a rapid pace.

Only way ahead is flat businesses across! It is Horizontal, decentralized, decoupled, experimental, experiential, learning based structures across boundaries , fluid structures that are shaped by each and every one!

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