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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Quotes from US Army Magazine Parameters in 2002


[Ref] Adams T.K. (2001), Future Warfare and the Decline of Human Decision Making, Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly, Winter 2001-02, 57-71.

In future, tactical warfare will be given completely to automated systems. Human beings will just retain control at the highest level, making strategic decisions about where and when to strike and/or overall objective of the conflict.


[Ref] Nygren K.P., Emerging Technologies and Exponential Change: Implications for Army Transformation, Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly, Summer 2002, 86-99.

Despite the fact that out technologies, economy and society have become extremely complex to be comprehensible by an individual, the leaders of the military, government and business can still effectively function, compete and improve their abilities to achieve objectives. This is possible due to organizational networks that can blend the distinct knowledge of their individual members into solutions and continuously adapt to changing knowledge requirements. This results in self-organizing systems that both defy centralized management and have changed the meaning of individual accountability.

“Delivering synergism” is the new mantra of the modern innovative enterprises. Only networks can provide this ability, rigid hierarchies are replacing.


[Ref] Liotta P.H., Chaos as Strategy, Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly – Summer 2002, 47-56.

Attacking dominant players with rational decision making processes – balancing resources and constraints, means and ends, chaos strategist will induce decision paralysis.

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